Shadowplay: spectral land

Julia Santoli [USA]

2019.05.24 - 2019.05.26

*Please check the 3-day schedule.
Performance occurs May 25, 15:00-16:00, reception 16:00-17:00.

In a culmination of her residence at Youkobo through Asia Cultural Council, Julia Santoli presents an installation of light, sound, and play. Shadow-form compositions shift with the tide of the day, creating a form of sunlit cinema through shadowed landscapes. A song emerges.

"We watch the scenes and tableaux of our history as if they were theatrical pieces performed time and time again. They are retold and re-membered. The ghost becomes the agent of social memory, reminding us of our previous lands, estates, epochs, languages, and continents. It is congealed history in spectral, semaphoric form." -- Martyn Hudson "Ghosts, Landscapes, and Social Memory" 2017, Rutledge Press

Date 2019.05.24 - 2019.05.26
Time May 24 12:00-17:00|May 25 15:00-17:00 (event)|May 26 12:00-17:00
Place Studio-1


  • May 25 Performance 15:00-16:00, Reception 16:00-17:00