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O JUN, Tomomi Tsuru, Motoharu Nakagawa, Nimei, Nobuyuki Fujiwara, Yohei Chimura, Arisa Sugiyama, Akari Suzuki, Nozomi Tanabe, Takashi Hamada, Anri Musashi [JAPAN]

2018.08.21 - 2018.08.28

This exhibition is a collaborative group exhibition by an oil painting and the glass workshop laboratory both of the Tokyo University of Arts, GEIDAI. It was planned the last year between the two labs by the friendship between Prof. O JUN and Prof. Nobuyuki Fujiwara, and will be realized at Youkobo Art Space in this August 21-28.
An experimental exhibition, "Glass and painting, look at unfamiliar scenery from each other's place"
at "The venue where the green outside the window that keep left the impressive of Musashino",
it will be an interesting attempt to do experiments at Youkobo Art Space.

Date 2018.08.21 - 2018.08.28
Time 12:00~19:00
Place studio2
Website exb_artist_url


  • Reception 8.25(Sat)17:00~19:00