Still Life

Elisabeth Belliveau [Canada]

2018.07.25 - 2018.07.29

Elisabeth’s work explores contemporary still life and memento mori, from a feminist perspective. Employing digital sculpture, stop-motion animation, and the ephemeral practice of flower arranging, her work probes the socio-economic status of objects and the narrative potential of materials.
In the Dutch golden age tradition, still life typically features flower arrangements and displays of food, reflecting the transience of life, material culture and literally remembering death. This new work was influenced greatly by attending classes at the Ohara school of Ikebana, and takes inspiration from objects, food, and flowers from Japan. The sculptures are created using traditional molds and casts as well as 3D printing and scanning.

Date 2018.07.25 - 2018.07.29
Time 12:00-19:00(最終日17:00まで last day till 17:00)
Place Studio 1


  • Reception:7.27(fri) 18:00-21:00