Flora Scott [UK]

2018.02.24 - 2018.02.25

Not to be wasteful over the small things or to destroy or lay waste to that which is worthy.

‘Mottainai’ is the result of artist Flora Scott’s first hand research during her residency at Youkobo. She has been researching and reflecting upon the treatment and value of the object and materiality in contemporary Japanese consumer culture alongside Japanese traditions, Shinto rituals and Japanese mythology. Her body of work explores both the material desire and waste that is apparent in consumerism in contrast with the animistic worship and reverence towards inanimate objects in Shinto rituals.

Drawing inspiration from the Hari-kuyo festival of broken needles that flora attended at the start of her residency, ‘Mottainai’ acts as a memorial and resting place for all the small, broken and otherwise overlooked physical matter gleaned and collected during daily walks around Tokyo streets. Once overlooked and dissolved in material mania these physical pieces are laid to rest in beds of salt, paper-clay and found packaging.

Date 2018.02.24 - 2018.02.25
Time 12:00-19:00(最終日17:00まで)
Place Studio-2


  • Reception:24 February, 18:00-20:00