Trolls in the Park @Zempukuji Park - The Singing Ringing Tree

Mika Nakamura-Mather [Japan / Australia]

2017.11.03 - 2017.11.26

「The Singing Ringing Tree」by Mika Nakamura-Mather

Zenpukuji Park has been a symbol of home for local people for more than half a century. The messages written on the ema suspended from The Singing Ringing Tree investigate what relevance and future the notion of ‘home’ has for local people in today’s increasingly ‘borderless’ world.

Date 2017.11.03 - 2017.11.26
Time 12:00-19:00(最終日17:00まで)
Place Studio 1


  • Art Tour ?:11.3.|11:30-13:00
  • Art Tour ?:11.23.|13:30-15:00