Mika Nakamura-Mather [Japan/Australia]

2017.11.17 - 2017.11.26

*CLOSED:20-21 November

Japanory is a continuation of the artist’s investigation of memory and the notion of what ‘Home’ means in an increasingly disconnected and dislocated world. Japanory is a portmanteau word derived from a combination of the two words Japanese Story. 

★Please visit 'Trolls in the Park' as well!! (11/3-11/23)



Date 2017.11.17 - 2017.11.26
Time 12:00-19:00(最終日17:00まで)
Place Studio 3
Website http://www.mikanakamuramather.com/


  • Opening: 11.17(fri) 17:00-20:30
  • Reception:11.25(sat) 17:00-20:00