Montkyo Gardens

André Dubois [Canada]

2017.09.23 - 2017.09.28

Perfectly in line with my approach, my Montkyo Gardens project highlights the elements of nature at the heart of a creative process that rests on the recovery and transformation of social materials. Using everyday objects and materials, I make, build, and revisit our contemporary living spaces, which are both fascinating and open to interpretation. Bringing art to the discursive frontiers of sculpture, painting, collage and installation, my exploration sheds an innovative light on the hypotheses of a living and timeless beauty. Light is a recurring element in my work as well as the interplay between empty spaces and full ones.

Montkyo Gardens will allow me to refine my thinking on the interplay between solid and void in an artistic and cultural context that places these notions at the heart of its philosophical tradition and to develop my work on paper in an environment that reveres and admires paper art. I intend to take advantage of my residency to immerse myself in the culture of this country, to look for an inspiring traditional imagery and iconography, and to become imbued with the world of Japanese gardens.

Date 2017.09.23 - 2017.09.28
Time *25(Mon)、26(Tues) Closed 12:00-19:00(last day till 17:00)
Place Studio 2