Photographs I painted (and photographs I never took)

Espen Iden [Norway ]

2017.04.23 - 2017.04.23

Espen Iden (b.1989) is interdisciplinary artist from Bergen, Norway. He works with photography, painting, digital collage and book making, and explores the realm of conceptual art as a curator and an art teacher. Themes important to his practice include: Occultism, individual perception of nature’s workings, as well as the peripheries and intersections between painting and photography.


「Photographs I painted (and photographs I never took)」

As the title implies, Iden spent his time at Youkobo artist-in-residency painting some of his photographs. It is a process to digest one medium while exploring a new. After working with photography for more than 12 years, the artist feels a subconscious relation to composition, which shows itself during his venture into painting. The work based in photography, also lead to a new painting project entitled “Photographs I never took”. In this project, Iden tries to capture moments he couldn’t capture with a camera, in other words, memories.

Date 2017.04.23 - 2017.04.23
Time 14:00-20:00
Place Studio 1


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