in the moment

Leoni Andrews [Australia]

2016.10.26 - 2016.10.30

The horseman calls out as the arrow strikes the target. Cameras take photos. Nearby a man feeds the turtles in the shrine pond. Someone is smoking. I am here, at the Yabusame.

Sunday morning in the park. Do not feed the fish. The Akita dog sits ‘smiling’ as people walk past. The carp rise to the surface, mouths agape. I am here, a kingfisher flashes past.

The commuter train is packed. People walk in backwards to fit inside the closing doors. The carriage full of people is so quiet. I am here, pressed against other men and women.

Dissonances come from all sides. More and louder street noises, brighter lights at night, the sound of another language, unfamiliar combinations of colour and dense graphic information.

In the studio I work with photographs of what I have seen on the streets. I work with the drawings I have made as I travelled. I find pictures in old books. I reflect on what has happened over the last two months. These images reflect my own attempts to find myself in this time and place.

My studio works seem as fragmentary as my experiences. Even as I tie the images down with thread they try to escape from my fingers. But I am here.


Date 2016.10.26 - 2016.10.30
Time 12:00-19:00(最終日17:00まで)
Place Studio 2


  • 28th 18:00- Opening party