Final Exhibition of Youkobo Y-AIR Studio Program 2016

Ryunosuke Goji・Takashi Horiuchi [Japan]

2016.09.21 - 2016.09.25

Based on the Y-AIR initiative, Youkobo Art Space has established the Youkobo Y-AIR Studio Program. As a collaborative venture between AIR and art universities, the program is focused on the support of recent art university graduates, providing the selected artists (who must be based in Tokyo) with six months of studio time at Youkobo to carry out self-directed activities. Two participants will hold a final exhibition and presentation as a final activities at Youkobo Y-AIR Studio.

Date 2016.09.21 - 2016.09.25
Time 12:00-19:00
Place Y-AIR Studio


  • 21st September:16:00-18:00 Presentation of activities |18:00- Opening Reception