recently my eyes

Julia McInerney [Australia]

2016.04.27 - 2016.04.29

My practice centres around a combined application of the literary order of words and the sculptural order of physical materials, with the aim to manifest variations of a “third language” suspended between these two, that is distinct from those that allowed for its origination, yet continue to support its existence. The role of a title and material descriptions are an important component in my work. Marcel Duchamp spoke of titles for artworks as being like an extra colour, “a colour which had not come out of the tube.” One could consider this “extra colour” as one that, in a sense, does not exist, reflecting the nature of words, which are like forms, or colours, sealed within the inky blackness of their support, and opened within the reader’s mind.

Date 2016.04.27 - 2016.04.29
Time 12:00-19:00(最終日17:00まで)
Place Studio1


  • Artist Talk:27th 18:00-