Liquid, Paper and the Space in Between

Anie Nheu [Australia]

2016.02.20 - 2016.02.26

'Liquid, paper and the space in between' conjure up the process of osmosis, as it is the process of the body as a medium, making sense of its environment through absorptions and excretions, touch and being touched. It is a metaphor of unconscious assimilation and processing as a way of relating and making sense in an unfamiliar environment. Being Asian, I would sense that the differences are mitigated with shared Asian culture and physical attributes. These nuances will lend to a more harmonious form and composition.

Through the selective use of materials for its physicality and manifestations through process, the works are a reflection to the process on how I unconsciously assimilate as I negotiate my inhabited space during my stay in Tokyo.

Date 2016.02.20 - 2016.02.26
Time 12:00-19:00(最終日のみ17:00)*会期中毎日開廊
Place Studio 2


  • OPENING PARTY:20th 18:00-20:00