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Wan Sheung Wah Elly [China]

2015.11.21 - 2015.11.26

An open studio presenting a new series of drawings and paintings about leaves and plants. The season, autumn, is the source of inspiration for this collection. The arrival of autumn brings a change in the environment, the colorful leaves attracting passersby. Spreading over the streets and rivers, the falling leaves seem to imply an end of life. We rarely appreciate the forms things take when dead or losing vitality. It is ironic, then, that we find beauty in the deadened falling leaves. Such reflections have led to the creation of more than a hundred pencil rubbings on washi paper that reveal the pattern of veins on leaves. These rubbings, each with a distinctly different outline, are similar to the lines on human palms. The dead leaves have been picked from the front of the Youkobo studio daily throughout the residency. A small series of still life paintings recording the life process of plants will also be exhibited.

Youkobo_Catalog_2015_10_Wan_Sheung_Wah_Elly .pdf

Date 2015.11.21 - 2015.11.26
Time 12:00-19:00 (最終日は17:00まで)*24日休廊
Place Gallery
Website http://thisiserissss.tumblr.com/


  • Opening Reception :21 November 18:00-20:00