Unknown Complexity

Britt Salt [Australia]

2015.09.25 - 2015.09.27

1) Artist Profile
Britt Salt's practice resonates with the mechanics of stuff, creating spaces where vision and movement are linked by means of the body. Engaging materiality and architectural construction, my practice mediates between drawing, sculpture, installation and performance in an ongoing spatial experiment where line, form and space intertwine. Employing material transparency and tricks of perspective, she creates unexpected forms for the viewer to encounter. Here, an environment that is movable and in flux unfolds, inciting the viewer to question how they will reorient their positions relative to such a space.

2) Residency Plan
At Youkobo Art Space, Britt will explore the intricacies of place via the transitory environment of Tokyo and local innovations in origami. Folding processes and their material applications will be the foundation of her investigation as she develops a new body of research into flexible origami forms, contemplating how these movable structures may translate into architectural space. Britt looks to create an environment that is both solid and ephemeral, suggesting the complexities of the unknown. Here, the viewer may question how they will reorient their positions relative to such a space and find their bearings shift within this once solid ‘place’. Britt's residency will culminate in a public installation at Youkobo Art Space.

Date 2015.09.25 - 2015.09.27
Time 12:00-19:00
Place Gallery
Website http://www.brittsalt.com/


  • Opening Party :September 26(Sat)18:00-20:00