Jay Komuda solo Exhibition - NO PURPOSE

Jay Komuda [Poland]

2015.02.18 - 2015.03.01

No Purpose

It is the city that takes our life away. It is the city that makes promises. While occupying residential neighbourhoods we starve for more, for excitement, for cool, for bling. Constant arousal provided by the urban environment reminds us that we are alive, but deep down we remain tired, lifeless, lonely and abused. We trust its brands and corporations which make us feel special, needed and valuable. At the same time we are afraid of the usual and the ordinary. We sacrifice too much. We sacrifice self.

Jay Komuda is a visual artist passionate about the mundane and boring. He uses photography to reflect upon the contemporary city and its inhabitants.


Date 2015.02.18 - 2015.03.01
Time 12:00-19:00(last day till 17:00)
Place gallery
Website http://jaykomuda.com


  • Piano concert by Yoko Arai 19:30- Artist Talk: 2.28(Sat) 17:00-