Open Studio by Sheri Simons

Sheri Simons [USA]

2015.01.30 - 2015.01.30

The images in this drawing are rapid documentations of the view as seen out my studio door, facing west on January 3 from 15:05 - 15:52.
I see them as a form of translating spatial information into diagrammatic notation.
From these 77 images I re-drew 48 and "corrected" for clarity (see the small drawings on the wall with red color), while being aware of the flaws inherent in re-producing.
From these drawings, I asked my new friend, Yoshie, to pick one drawing for me to build.
She preferred four (see sticky notes on large drawing). The sculpture in front of the drawing is one build-out of this process.Other drawings seen in the photos are frottage made on utility covers around Nishi-Ogikubo.

Date 2015.01.30 - 2015.01.30
Time 14:00-18:30
Place STUDIO 1, gallery