Control Rooms

Chris Bennie [Australia/New Zealand ]

2014.12.12 - 2014.12.14

My Asialink residency at Youkobo Artspace, Japan will be used to research and develop new artworks that co-opt objects and structures affected by natural disasters and are no longer used for their original purpose. This is a strategy I have employed in a project called Grace and The Kissing Swans in which two fllood-affected caravans from Bundaberg, Australia were transformed into sculpture by projecting videos and sound inside of them. In Japan I will research objects that have been similarly affected by disasters, and design strategies for their transformation into artworks. The project will engage fellow residents and staff of Youkobo Artspace, local artists, and industry professionals to assist me. Professionals will be consulted in relation to the sensitivities of the project, in particular with regard to any associated trauma that still exists regarding recent events.


Date 2014.12.12 - 2014.12.14
Time 12:00-19:00(last day till 17:00)
Place Studio2