Murakami Kaoru Exhibition 'Bulb Cities' - The Seventh Kubochi Exhibition

Murakami Kaoru [Japan]

2014.11.03 - 2014.11.23

“Kubochi” (凹地), a group established by artists who are involved in the creative activities of Youkobo Art Space (Zempukuji, Tokyo) will hold its next exhibition 'Bulb Cities', a solo exhibition by Kaoru Murakami starting November 3 (Mon) to 23 (Sun).

Bulb Cities is an artwork by Kaoru Murakami in which picture postcards and used light bulbs gathered from strangers are used to create an installation. Taking apart materials that once belonged to the private spaces of others and combining them to create new forms, she will create a work which, while switching between documentary and fiction, brings us to question the dangers of forgetting and remembering in the recreation of reality. For this exhibition, a series of individually made 'bulb cities" will be combined into an installation.
※This exhibition is a related event of the open-air art exhibition Trolls in the Park 2014.
Kubochi ≫

Date 2014.11.03 - 2014.11.23
Time 12:00-19:00 (Friday ~20.00, 11/23 17.00 close)
Place Youkobo Art Space Gallery


  • 11.8 (Sat) Artist Talk: 17:00 - Reception Party: 18:00 - 19:00