Night Art Gallery - The Fourth Kubochi Exhibition

Shiori Hara, Yousaku Kikuchi+Kato Shohei, Nozomi Watanabe, Murakami Kaoru, Yutaka Yasuda [Japan]

2014.09.04 - 2014.09.07

In their fourth exhibition, Kubochi presents "Night Art Gallery" .
Exhibitions typically take place during daytime hours, but for this exhibition the gallery will only be open to the public at night. Influenced by the location and light, the work will come to look and feel different. In this exhibition, we hope you will view the work in ways that can only be experienced in the evening, with sensations felt because it is nighttime.
While only open for a short period, we hope you will enjoy "Night Art Gallery" in the last days of summer.

Date 2014.09.04 - 2014.09.07
Time 18.00-22.00
Place Youkobo Art Space Gallery


  • 9/5 18.00- Opening reception, 20.00-21.00 Performance event
  • 9/6 18.00- Rakugo Live
  • 9/7 17.00-20.00 Night Art Market