Artist in Residence? Singapore! from the scene of project 6581

Aya Murakami Kaoru Murakami Chihiro Kabata Yuuri Kabata [JAPAN]

2014.03.26 - 2014.03.30

Within the context of the arts, the specifics of identity and difference have been the focus of many artists, curators, critics, and historians. Recent years have witnessed the emergence of a global art produced by an international band of cultural nomads who travel widely to create and exhibit their work. This artistic exchange intends to respond to where do artists position themselves and their work between the poles of the global and the local.

This exhibition presents the work produced by Kaoru Murakami, Aya Murakami, Chihiro Kabata and Yuri Kabata, during their participation in this project.

What did they gain from their stay in the multi-cultural land of Singapore, and what thoughts did their experiences give rise to? The artists speak of this through their works, as well through an open discussion to be held on 29th March.

Project 6581 web site

Date 2014.03.26 - 2014.03.30
Time 12:00-19:00
Place Gallery


  • 2014.3.29(Sat)18:00-
    Open Discussion
    The Art and Artist in Residencies of South East Asia Special Guests: Jaime Humphreys and Emma Ota
    Admission: ¥300 (with Teh Tarik drink)
    *\200 discount when you show this coupon