Sumi Kanazawa solo exhibition

Sumi Kanazawa [Korea]

2014.02.12 - 2014.02.23

Baengnyeong is an island of South Korea positioned just upon the line of the 38th Parallel. In contrast to the beauty of its village landscapes, its northern territory is dominated by fences of barbed wire. This exhibition documents Sumi Kanazawa’s 3 month residence upon this island and the projects she developed here, including “Rose Line Project” decorating the barbed wire which encapsulates the islands army bases with 5000 fake roses as well as records of her rose making workshops with children and original posters drawing upon the events of the Pan-European Picnic of 1989.

Date 2014.02.12 - 2014.02.23
Time 12:00-19:00 (Last day till 17:00)
Place ギャラリー


  • 2014.2.15(Sat) 18:00-:Artist Talk&Opening Party