Good Night

Juka Araikawa [JAPAN]

2013.11.01 - 2013.11.10

Traveling to a new place is nothing like being drunk. Alcohol is a depressant whereas arriving in unfamiliar surroundings activates our survival instincts and heightens our awareness.
But traveling to a new place is like being drunk: our brain chemistry is altered and our senses operate outside their normal parameters. We may see things we've never noticed before or draw new connections between ideas, materials and people that on the surface appear to have little relationship. Edges go in and out of phase as we travel outside our bodies to understand our environments.
"Good Night" is a record of my time in Kosice, a time spent forming relationships in an unfamiliar country.

Juka Araikawaプレスリリース.pdf

Date 2013.11.01 - 2013.11.10
Time 12:00-19:00 (Last day till 17:00)
Place ギャラリー


  • November 3 (Sat):Opening Party 17:00-20:00