On Foreign Ground

Suzanne Mooney [Ireland]

2013.10.16 - 2013.10.27

For ten years I have dealt with ‘landscape’ as a theme in my work, beginning with the familiar landscape of my home country and then travelling to explore less familiar terrain. After four years living in Tokyo, exploring the metropolis, I found myself re-visiting the landscape of Ireland with a new perspective.
On Foreign Ground is the first exhibition at the beginning of this project that explores human habitat and the boundaries envisaged between man and nature.

On Foreing Ground_プレスリリース.pdf

Date 2013.10.16 - 2013.10.27
Time 12:00-19:00 (Last day till 17:00)
Place Gallery
Website http://suzannemooney.com/


  • 2013/10/19(Sat) 17:00- Artist Talk  Suzanne Mooney×Chihiro Minato Chihiro Minato
  • 18:00- Opening Party