Jaime Humphreys Solo Exhibition

Jaime Humphreys [UK]

2013.04.12 - 2013.04.21

Originally from the UK Jaime Humphreys has been based in Tokyo for over 6 years and is active not only as an artist but is also engaged in the field of art coordination, children’s workshops and collaborations between artists and schools. In this exhibition Humphreys pursues the medium of drawing through installation, video and paper based works. In his work Humphreys attempts to “reconstruct space through the tool of drawing”, turning our eyes to the particular features and elements which lie latent within a given spatial frame. Here Humphreys, who is also involved in the running of Youkobo Art Space, will draw a new line from the context of this space’s location, architecture and history in a site specific approach.


Date 2013.04.12 - 2013.04.21
Time 12:00-19:00 (Last day till 17:00)
Place Gallery


  • Opening Party:4.13(Sat) 18:00~
  • Artist floor talk &performance (Satoshi Ikeda&Mitsuhiro Wada)