3 Japanese Artists in WEYA2012

Takumi Kato, Manabu Kanai, Naoki Miyasaka [Japan]

2012.12.12 - 2012.12.16

In September this year, 1000 youg artists from all over the world took part in the World Event Young Artists 2012 (WEYA) held in Nottingham in the UK. An exhibition will be held by Takumi Katou, Manabu Kanai and Naoki Miyasaka, three Japanese artists who participated in WEYA with the support of Youkobo Art Space.


Date 2012.12.12 - 2012.12.16
Time 12:00-19:00 (Last day till 17:00)
Place Gallery
Website http://worldeventyoungartists.com/


  • Report Presentation of WEYA2012, December 12 (wed) from 19:00
  • Opening Party, December 12 (wed) from 20:00