Living With the Land - Portland, UK

Masami Aihara, Takahiro Ishii [Japan]

2012.11.10 - 2012.11.23

An exhibition by artists who joined the AIR program at Portland Sculpture and Quarry Trust in 2012.
This is the second part of the series 'Global Micro Experiences' in which five artists who have joined various microresidence programs overseas will reflect upon the inspiration they have gained and the impact of their experience upon their career, practice and vision through documentation and related art work presented in Youkobo's gallery.

Masami Aihara
In Portland, she produced work based upon motifs of water and stone. "In Portland I gained a very rich experience, encountering stone which is used for materials and for industry and stone which has a deep connection with people's everyday lives".

Takahiro Ishii
In addition to presenting an exhibition, Ishii undertook a comparative survey between the use of stones in gardens. "Taking the assumption that depending upon the country or region then language and culture are different I discovered here the challenge to identify how this difference can be transmitted and received."

Date 2012.11.10 - 2012.11.23
Time 12:00-19:00 (last day till 17:00)
Place Gallery


  • Floor Talk 11/10 sat. 17:00-