These Fleeting Few

Jeremy Bakker [Australian]

2012.09.19 - 2012.09.23

'Leaves painted white and suspended by the legs of cicada shells fill a wall of the gallery; small, atom-shaped pencil marks accumulate and spread across the surface of a piece of paper; a single eyelash balances on the tip of a second hand removed from a watch …'

These are some of the materials and techniques of These Fleeting Few, an exhibition by Australian artist Jeremy Bakker who has been on a two-month residency at Youkobo Art Space. This exhibition continues Bakker's interest in making artwork that is evocative of something ineffable and sublime inherent within the commonplace details of human experience and the natural world.



Date 2012.09.19 - 2012.09.23
Time 12:00-19:00 (last day till 17:00)
Place Studio2


  • Opening party: Friday 21 September, 19:00 (Artist Floor Talk from 19:30)