Juka Araikawa, Mike HJ Chang, Xana Kudrjavcev-DeMilner, Yvan Martinez and Joshua Trees, Krister Olsson [Multinational  ]

2012.04.05 - 2012.04.29

Group exhibition by Multinational artists

Juka Araikawa,Mike HJ Chang,Xana Kudrjavcev-DeMilner,Yvan Martinez and Joshua Trees,Krister Olsson

Time begins to take on unusual characteristics in the liminoid zone where quotidian bleeds into extraordinary: it slows down, it crystalizes, it splits one reality into multiple realities, it inverts space like Alice Through the Looking-Glass creating new projections and self-referential simulations. Expectations become unreliable but it is through frustrating (in)variability that we encounter new forms and ideas.

Date 2012.04.05 - 2012.04.29
Time 12::00-19:00 (Mondays and Tuesdays closed Lastday until 17:00)
Place Gallery
Website http://hayamaprojects.com/