Kyougo Matsumoto Solo Show

Kyougo Matsumoto [Japan]

2012.01.14 - 2012.01.29

Matsumoto’s main interest is in the city space including urban space, and he creates works through projects he initiates in response to places with diverse characteristics.
His exhibition at Youkobo will be developed based upon the idea of 'Street' through field research and one-month gallery residency. His work will thus depart from the information and feeling he gathered in Nishiogikubo area.
'Street' is an on-going theme since his recent residency in Finland where he produced works titled 'Interface', which meaning is to connect the two or more, different things and elements, information. In this work, he used food, everyday goods, tools or hi-quality camera as an interface to connect Matsumoto, actual places, works or audience.

Date 2012.01.14 - 2012.01.29
Time 12-7pm
Place 遊工房ギャラリー


  • Talk Event + Opening, Saturday 14 January