Yoshiko Maruyama, Tokio Maruyama, Antti Ylonen [Japan, Finland]

2011.11.03 - 2011.11.23

The exhibition is collaboration between three artists who met in Finland last year and now participating to Trolls in the Park 2011. The artists investigate the psychological changes occurring among people who are both in and outside of Japan after 3.11. ‘Onkaro’, the waste repository in Finland for high level radioactive waste, became the keyword for the exhibition. There is a need to safely store the dangerous waste for 100 thousand years.
3.11, at the silent land where all kinds of things disappeared and lost, while people gathered the records and memories that was nearly lost, people also recognized the huge flow of time that exceeds beyond our memories.
Silence. between to be silent and to be expressive, the unlimited gradation expands. There is “something” that is very subtle but exists in the silence. It comes to us and it goes through people or buildings. It is invisible and has no atmosphere. Like a ghost, if it would stay next to us forever in silence.

Artists HP (Tokio Maruyama) (Yoshiko Maruyama)         (Antti Ylonen)

Date 2011.11.03 - 2011.11.23
Time 12:00-19:00
Place Youkobo ART SPACE


  • Opening reception: 3 November (thurs) from 6pm
  • Artist talk: 13 November (sun) from 5pm