July 18. Open Studio & Sound Performance

Nge Lay, Hamish Carr, Zempukuji Pond Project (Marcos Fernandes, Keiko Torigoe, etc) [Myanmar, Australia, Japan]

2011.07.18 - 2011.07.18

Youkobo has restarted our AIR program from this month with two visiting artists. We are pleased to inform that we will hold an OPEN STUDIO day on the 18th of July. There will be also a sound event to celebrate World Listening Day 2011.

Open Studio Day
Date: July 18, Monday (public holiday)
Hours: 3pm-7pm
Place:  Youkobo ART SPACE studios

Residency Artists:
Nge Lay
born in 1979 and currenly based in Yangon, Myanmar. She is a participating artist for JENESYS programme (Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youth). She works with diverse medium such as performance, photography, installation, and deals with themes based on her social background and her personal experience. During her two-monthes rediency at Youkobo ART SPACE, she will create new installation work comprised with wall paintings of nature and people from the local community, digitl images and sculptures, and exploring the idea of past, present and future.

Hamish Carr
born in 1975 and currently based in Melbourne. He manipulates an image of landscape digitally then draws it by hands as if to map the image. With extremely compressed distance between micro and macro, his work aims to evoke a sense of anxiety derived from the resless flow of visual information that appears and disappears around us. Carr has been exhibiting both nationally and internationally. His work will be shown in the Japan-Australia group exhibiton `Immanent Landscape' at Oyama City Kurumaya Museum between September17 and November 27.

<Zenpukuji Pond Project for 2011 World Listening Day>

July 18, Monday
Part I: 10:00-12:00 Soundwalk and Field Recording dedicated to Zenpukuji Pond
12:00-13:00 Lunch
Part II: 13:00-15:00 Sharing & Discussion
15:00-15:30 Recess
Part III: 15:30-18:00 Live Performances

Coordinator: Marcos Fernades, Keiko Torigoe, etc
Admission Free

The Zenpukuji Pond Project celebrates World Listening Day 2011 on Monday,
July 18th in Zenpukuji, Tokyo. The all day event engages the community in
an exploration of soundscape by combining a soundwalk, field recording,
discussion of shared activities, and live performances by the participants.

The morning soundwalk around the pond at Zenpukuji Park will be led by Keiko
Torigoe and recorded by Marcos Fernandes . The afternoon discussion forum at
Youkobo Art Space invites the participants to share their experiences and
thoughts on the soundwalk and field recording activities. The concert will
feature live improvisations using field recordings including materials from
the morning soundwalk, collaborative performances with voice and field
recordings exploring the notion of the human body as a recorder, and an
audience participation piece.

Zenpukuji Pond Project is organized and presented by Keiko Torigoe, whose
work with the concept of soundscape includes various research, environmental
design and workshops as well as translations of R. Murray Shafer's writings,
and musician, phonographer and soundartist Marcos Fernandes in conjunction
with Youkobo Art Space,

* For further information on Wolrd Listening Day is available on  http://www.worldlisteningproject.org/

Date 2011.07.18 - 2011.07.18
Time 3 - 7 pm
Place 遊工房アートスペース Youkobo ART SPACE