An experssion of sympathy

youkobo ARTSPACE [Staffs]

2011.03.19 - 2011.03.31

From bottom of our hearts, we pray the souls of victims of the recent earthquake, occurred on the 11th of March, may rest in peace.Though there is no knowing what will happen next and the situation still remains to be difficult, we hope that the enough help and support are given immediately to those who suffered by the earthquake. We are willing to take even a little action if it will become the help.
Due to the recent events, the Yuuri Kabata's exhibition, which was scheduled from the 19th of March, has been cancelled, and the residency artists have gone back to their countries. The studio program is also temporarily closed.
Please be advised that our office is open as usual and we will re-scheduled our programs and inform you as we judge the situation.

Date 2011.03.19 - 2011.03.31
Time 臨時休廊
Place Gallery closed until 21th April