observation and description

Manabu Kanai [JAPAN]

2011.01.27 - 2011.02.13

When we suppose that the act of writing about the world I'm watching right now in some form or other to be the act of "making art", well then what "steps" make it possible to seal all the complexities of the world which I'm sensing now through the entanglement of my sight, vague memories, biased knowledge, institutions of society, unilateral misunderstanding, illusions, delusions springing up unexpectedly, and various other elements……, into just one art work?
I'll show some art work based on this question.

Date 2011.01.27 - 2011.02.13
Time 12:00-19:00
Place Gallery open 12::00-19:00 (月・火休み 最終日は、17:00まで)
Website http://www.terrainvague.info


  • Opening Party (joint opening party held with Marte Kiessling) 1.27 (Thu), 18:00