All is growing from day to day

Mika Sato [Japan]

2010.12.01 - 2010.12.12

I always feel at a loss when I buy cut flowers.
I don't know when I should throw 'living' flowers away as 'dead' flowers.
'Living', 'dying', 'present', 'past' - we act as though these states exist absolutely, yet it is my belief that we are born at the time we become conscious of them.
Even though everything is just existing, we are aware of these states in our everyday lives, and they give us meaning as we go about creating our world.
By embracing conscious action, I feel that my view of the world and the way I see myself is constantly subject to change.

Date 2010.12.01 - 2010.12.12
Time 12:00-19:00 最終日17:00まで
Place ギャラリー


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