Fragmentary Landscape

Aya Murakami [Japan]

2010.10.16 - 2010.10.29

When I create work, I move between the boundaries of painting, photography, and sculpture, obscuring and reconstructing the subject as I go along. Through this process, rather than completing the story in the exhibition space, I am more interested in finding a total harmony between the viewpoints that derive from each individual work.
Familiar motifs selected by searching a deeply-ingrained personal history, surrounding environments, and the landscape of my thoughts, are given uniformity through color and brush mark. I am striving for a method where, in an instant, a total image becomes visible from the unfurling interconnections of smaller parts.

Date 2010.10.16 - 2010.10.29
Time 12:00 - 19:00
Place Gallery 12::00-19:00 (無休 Open every day)