Shindo Utako solo Exhibition ‘Tsumurumitsumeru-behold’

SHINDO Utako [Japan]

2010.03.11 - 2010.03.28

The work will be produced through a six-week studio residency at Youkobo. In a world where various senses of value intersect, Utako will attempt to express a view that anyone would long for. The work will be up-dated as dialogues with visitors are recorded photographically and textually. ‘Everyday, I travel across Suginami to reside in the studio. There are things that appear to exist unchangingly at any time and at any corner along the journey. There are places where things are similarly repeating or repeated. I look at them from right to left, from top to bottom, feeling the warmth of their gaze upon me, even when my eyes are shut. She was born in Tokyo and lives in Melbourne since 2003

Date 2010.03.11 - 2010.03.28


  • Opening party: Saturday 13th March 6-8pm (Artist talk 5pm-)