KABATA Chihiro []

2009.10.11 - 2009.10.25

It is my belief that the image embodied within a picture is not an image that can be seen with the eye. The paintings I produce by letting the ingredients run on the surface are made with an awareness that the image I should be making does not exist. And yet, sometimes viewers do discover an image. I think perhaps this is akin to the belief in an illusion of something that isn。ヌt actually there, or the act of believing in some animistic god where my experience is relived by the viewer. And yet the object of belief doesn't exist. For me, painting is only the act of tracing impulses while knowing that no original image exists, and yet believing compulsively that it does. This entirely self-contradictory approach to making visible an invisible image can allow the viewer to assimilate and move closer to reaching a superficial understanding of the image. However, as long as the picture continues to exist, the whereabouts of the image will continue to be questioned. During the exhibition, there will be a performance by dancer Touge Yuki in response to Kabata Chihiro's work.

Date 2009.10.11 - 2009.10.25