house of hospitality

Cihangir IstekTama Art University student []

2009.07.21 - 2009.07.26

Instructor/Curator Cihangir Istek Assist. Prof. Dr., Bilkent University (Ankara, Turkey) Visiting Lecturer, Tama Art University (Tokyo) For those living and working in big cities, a house is like a hiding place, whereas the city is mostly the place where we enjoy, eat, communicate and entertain others... In this workshop/exhibition, while referring to these contemporary conditions, we will try to reconsider the notion of 。ニhouse。ヌ. We will ask ourselves a very simple question: "what if we designed an imaginary model house as an instrument of hospitality?" Youkobo Art Space will form the site of this experimentation.

Date 2009.07.21 - 2009.07.26