KIt Kingsbury []

2008.09.03 - 2008.09.07

Kit Kingsbury is based at the Waygood Studios in Newcastle upon Tyne and studied Fine Art at the University of Northumbria. Kit employs photographic images exploring her journeys through foreign urban environments, as source material for the construction of her paintings. The use of photography in Kit's work is intended to question the ability of the photograph to capture a moment in time and provide a facsimile of reality. Scrambled features a new series of 50 paintings created by Kit during her six-month residency at Youkobo Art Space. The works examine some of the arguments inherent to Structuralist philosophy. The artist plays on the fact that there is a limit to the amount of visual information one can assimilate in any given glance. Based on the Structuralist premise that one's concept of reality is conjured up from an incomprehensible sum of stimuli; Kit deliberately attempts to over-stimulate the viewer into forming a hypothesis concerning an image/s before realising that any alternative reading exists. Consequently, her paintings, through providing the viewer with a number of possible interpretations, attempt to question our notions of reality. The artist attempts to manipulate the viewer into forming subjective associations with her work through using an ambiguous narrative, a fusion of abstract and representational elements, negative and positive images and differing perspectives. Therefore, Scrambled features a broad array of indistinct and obscure motifs selected to promote contrasting interpretations, dislocate them from a literal reading and overall, disorientate the viewer.

Date 2008.09.03 - 2008.09.07