Zenpukuji 3choume kouen ten

Yui YoshikoIwasaki KazuhiroNago Kaoru []

2008.04.03 - 2008.04.13

Initially created by Iwasaki Kazuhiro and Yui Yoshiko, and joined later by Nago Kaoru in 2002, it is now the 10th year of activity of the Nu Amu Misin? Unit (Sewing Knitting Machine?). From original shirt and bag designs, stuffed toys, and furniture to props for children’s TV programs, shop window displays, and illustrations, their products cover a wide range of genres. With the theme of ‘autonomous’ house plants that don’t need watering, the works presented in the Zempukuji 3-Chome Park Exhibition will surely remind you of the coming of spring.

Date 2008.04.03 - 2008.04.13