Andres de Santiago Exhibition 

Andres de Santiago []

2007.09.20 - 2007.09.30

Domestic States for Knighthood: Produce, Fine Powder and PachinkoSitting on the fringe of rectitude, bare walls caressed a lush aspiration for privacy. That which was still expectancy outgrew inward comfort and invested on interactive grounding and fit recognition. Artistry became a stem, metaphors tepid publicity for extinct centralism, and spatial occupancy a fetched mapping for patronage.Fittings, appliances and perishables, even hardware in some cases, no longer remain solely as neutral containers of both goods and services and drivers for potential utility and user extension. Yet, it seems that designed experience and its positioning still depend greatly on a mixed structure of humanistic mishaps and techno-imbued reactions driven by a pre-industrial revolution philosophic model. Is this a detour towards a renovated challenge to the art genealogy of calculated risk? To the established claim for cultural professionalism and the market hierarchy between rough source material and finished product?He who has an exhibited way with words not always has a maverick way with objects and ideals ? even though white walls listen. In a similar condition, he who has a way with design and holistic thinking may thus have a way with communication, possibility and ways of perceiving, but not always has his way with resolving creative dilemmas or the utilitarianism of confrontation.The context traces the contour. Sketches of character delineate the repeated use. Consequence, myth or threat?

Date 2007.09.20 - 2007.09.30