100 100 100 0 or 0 0 0 100 and the devils grandmother

Katrin Paul []

2007.04.12 - 2007.04.22

Katrin Paul has been living and working mainly in Tokyo as an independent artist for the last 10 years. In 2003 she received her PhD from Tama Art University. Katrin Paul exhibits internationally in solo and group shows. Her work can be found in private collections and international institutions.Black is the new theme of Katrin Paul. Her large-sized photographs, in which she is concerned with the presence of light in almost absolute blackness, indicates a change of direction within Katrin Paul’s artwork. Previously explored themes, the human being and the human portrait, have been temporarily set aside to pursue this new field of questioning.The 5 black photographs presented seem to absorb the viewer and hold their gaze. A peculiar sense of fascination arises from this lightless black. But, as lightless as these photographs seem at first glance, after contemplation form becomes perceptible. This transition is the moment in which the light becomes visible. At the same time as the black photographs Katrin Paul developed for the first time paper works (ink-books), in which absolute blackness, desire, penetration, light and time are her subject in question.This work, to be viewed playfully like an oversized flipbook, exudes a profound self-contained charm.*freely adapted from Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales KHM 29

Date 2007.04.12 - 2007.04.22