Don't forget your handkerchief

Linda Dennis []

2006.11.09 - 2006.11.19

Don。ヌt forget your handkerchiefI have been collecting handkerchiefs that have been lost by their original owners.I am fascinated by the loneliness of the objects. I am reminded of how my mother, and many people。ヌs mothers, gently reminded their children to take a handkerchief when they were leaving the house. The handkerchiefs are to me a symbol of a mother。ヌs love and a desire to protect her offspring, symbolic protection that is carried around in the pocket. This makes it all the sadder when I find them lost, separated from their owners.I have been making artworks based on the theme of touch for a number of years, and the fact that the handkerchief is held in the hand, and is used in contact with the skin makes them fascinating objects for me. In this exhibition I aim to explore the link of these objects that are so physically linked with the body, with the more abstract touch of a mother。ヌs love.Linda Dennis

Date 2006.11.09 - 2006.11.19