Terminal Vision Project

Denis Beaubois []

2006.10.05 - 2006.10.22

The Terminal Vision ProjectThe Terminal Vision works seek to provide visceral viewing experiences which are about an abdication of control and an attempt to introduce a physicality to the screen image. In doing so the work aims to challenge the surface centred screen image, which is distanced from the physical event, and explore the transmitted / interrupted image in an age of the 。ネoptically correct。ノ .The works make use of small, modified wireless video cameras, which are thrown and sometimes destroyed in order to explore the links between remote viewing and physical reality (passive consumption and experience). The ontology of the camera is explored by which the recollection of these modified units are akin to memory or experience. The camera。ヌs lifespan is a crucial factor in the creation of the work, whilst its destruction (upon impact) provides a natural termination to the recording process and to the action. The works play with the effects of speed on the recording apparatus, of gravity and velocity on the act of documentation (recollection) and of distance and interference on the transmitted signal. In effect the project aims to explore the adaptation of the camera as projectile in order to re-instate a sense of place ,geography and physicality to the recorded / transmitted image.This is an Asialink Project funded by Arts NSW and the Australia Council, the Federal Government。ヌs Arts funding and advisory body

Date 2006.10.05 - 2006.10.22