Talk/CD Concert by Edward SHOCKER

Edward SHOCKER []

2006.06.10 - 2006.06.10

Artist composer Edward Shocker will explain the contemporary trends and history of West Coast American Music, using excerpts from CD recordings and a live performance to demonstrate and enliven the subject. This artist talk will illustrate how the West Coast (especially California) became a land where composers could break away from European trends and create a musical style of their own. By presenting musical examples and the philosophies of important 20th Century composers like Colin McPhee, Henry Cowel, Harry Parch, John Cage, Lou Harrison and their experiments with Indonesian, Japanese, Korean and other Asian music, Edward will show why this area is one of the creative centers of the world. No prior knowledge of music will be needed to enjoy this artist talk. Come with open ears.The lecture will be in English with Japanese translation.

Date 2006.06.10 - 2006.06.10