Luis Recoder []

2005.06.02 - 2005.06.13

The International House of Japan, together with Youkobo Art Space, will co-produce a solo exhibition by Luis Recoder, entitled STILL FILM. Unlike most film artists, Recoder does not use a camera to shoot footage to create a film. Instead, he works with the rudimentary tools of the cinema: the projector, the screen, and the space of projection itself. Extending the work of minimalist artists who work with light and space, such as James Turrell, Recoder reorients the viewer治蕊s attention towards pure light and color in a manner that calls to mind John Cage治蕊s proposed definition of art: that of 治縞paying attention.治舎 In an age when images are becoming increasingly digitalized, Recoder is a contemporary artist who makes us rethink the origins of the image itself.

Date 2005.06.02 - 2005.06.13