Tokyo Exercises Suite -無限の映像世界への旅立ち-

Sam Smith []

2005.04.07 - 2005.04.18

The exhibition comes at the end of an 11-week Artist in Residency at Youkobo Art Space where he is producing the work for the show - it is titled.Tokyo Exercises Suite Tokyo Exercises Suite will consist of video explorations that will aim to investigate video as a medium for fantasy and will endeavour to charter the artists process of re-orientation to a new environment - in this case Tokyo. The work will take the form of a number of scenes or set ups, each of which will adhere to its own style dictated by the actions or orientation of the scene. Some shots may appear as finished pieces of video with seamless effects or illusions, others may be crude experimentations or behind the scenes style documentary footage. Sam Smith lives and works in Sydney. His multi-media art practice exploits he conventions of video, sculpture, photography and sound (both live and recorded). His work frequently takes the form of video pieces installed within elaborate sculptural environments.

Date 2005.04.07 - 2005.04.18