Every action there is an echo,2005


2005.03.02 - 2005.03.07

Like many artists, I am constantly being inspired by the influences around me. A major part of my expression is the people, and the environment. With the desire of being able to express my self more effectively I am also questioning the mediums I use in my art. I am developing my technical skills and as I get older and experience more, I mature. In the process of questioning what I do, I have come to a conclusion that "space" (the environment around us), is the theme which combines my concept of art (society and the environment) and my desire to be more technically skillful in my mediums. That is, discovering the art object itself, within its environment.A wise person once said "There is nothing interesting in this world until you yourself find it interesting". And perhaps we, as artists can guide this interest. For within each of us there is curiosity and creativity.

Date 2005.03.02 - 2005.03.07