2018.06.01 - 2018.08.26

Maria Muriedas Diez


I tend to work from a performative prespective, filming and photographing attitudes or situations that allow me to get closer to the other, addressing issues related to the identity, alterity, behavior and their representation. I am interested in the possibilities and limitations that videographic and photographic devices offer while recording. But I am also attracted to working with the image object, with the represented object, questioning the objectivity, the realism or the veracity of stablished discourses. In order to do this, I first identify a defined contexto or environment to carry out an action, and then I impose certain restrictions, as in a partiture. This way I intend to highlight the importance that a processual fact has to me. A fact that, at times, becomes purely irrational speculation.

Residency Plan:
Continuing with the themes and languages that interest me, I feel Japan will offer me new procedures and expressions that will enrich my work. I am interested in small gestures, ways of moving, ways of communication that are part of the different cultures and which have to do with how we relate. I am also interested in concrete actions of the everyday lifestyle, discovering where people spend their spare time, the places they go out, how do they dress, how they dance, how they sing... I want to see how the city lives, and work with it.

Date 2018.06.01 - 2018.08.26
Place Residence-3 | Studio:Co-ume Lab.(June-July), Studio 3, Youkobo (August)
Website http://www.youkobo.co.jp/