2018.02.01 - 2018.02.28

Ki Beom KWON

[South Korea]

Ki Beom KWON is a Korean visual artist. His works are mostly focused on contemporary arts, which have several spectrums, sensible pencil drawings, experimental photos and large scale wall drawing installations. Ki Beom’s work is interested in the recent works of the artist’s, Ambiguity Series, and asks a question to the viewers about the ambiguity and instability of ‘being.’ The artist shows a cross section of a human body and then recombines everything again to create an ambiguous image. When looking at the result of this, the viewers can find various images such as flowers, and still objects and symbols. However, when looking more carefully, the viewer will realize that the image has some parts that have nothing to do with the original shape. The artist described a part of the human body, but the recombination has an ambiguous figure, suggesting a message.

At Youkobo Art Space, I will try to make experimental photos, which are observed by
street, architecture, urban specific space in Tokyo. This is one of my major research projects.
From the spring of 2010 to the fall of 2016 I visited New York City, Seoul, London, Tokyo,
Singapore, Beijing and other cities and documented intriguing colors, spaces, and architectural Structures. I found in those cities. These are creative images representing each city and replicas formed by modern Eastern and Western urban cultures. This project was executed through a process of selective gathering of such elements and my personal taste.

Date 2018.02.01 - 2018.02.28
Place AIR-1